Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Monday

And so another week begins. Things I did that were above and beyond last week included turning a old ugly brass lamp into a hammered silver lamp of beauty. I just have one more coat of spray paint to apply to a very ugly bookcase I folk art painted a decade ago. What was I thinking? haha
On the list for today is making a banana split cake for my dad's birthday tomorrow and figuring out what I'm going to serve him with the cabbage rolls hmmmm...

So as I was saying yesterday my daughter and I went on a hair adventure via a sock bun.

Now first off I have to say that my immediate reaction was  how very toddlers in tiaras; but this was as soon as we took the bun out. After it was brushed it looked very nice. And we tried again last night with a slightly smaller sock and I liked the results much more. It's nice and quick too! Here is where I found the instructions Sock bun curls

Day 3

Have a great day!

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