Thursday, November 3, 2011

As the Crow Flies

I have a job again. I cannot properly convey how much of a relief this is for me. I have two children and not working for two months was very stressful. Now I can relax a bit and focus on getting another job! I want two or more! Just putting it out there!
The funny thing was a couple weeks ago when things were super duper shitty in my world I had a message from the local crows. I know I sound completley nutso but natives believe in animal totems and I was feeling very conected to the crows that have this neigbourhood as thier territory. So I was walking home and this crow was sitting on a low branch of one of the trees on my block. Since that moment I felt more strongly the connection to the crows and researched thier meaning and it turns out among many other things they can be omens for good and bad. I felt that this was for good and the next week I heard that my old position was going to become available. Then came the job fair and today I got the job. As I walked home the crows were there at the corner of my block, as if they were saying see, I told you!

Day 54

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